Social Media Security Consulting 

How does social media impact your business? In the last couple of years, we have seen many data breaches on social media making headlines. All have similar things in common: they come from human error and lack of standard governance and policy to guide employees on their use of social media.  It is essential that you know the environment and don't rely on security firewalls to protect your data. 


A recent Deloitte Forbes Global Risk Management Survey found that reputational damage is the number one threat for companies.  Nearly 50% of companies identified social media as transforming reputation management and that the potential loss of control were the primary concerns. 

Our team will conduct a risk assessment to understand your organisations social landscape in real-time, across multiple social media channels and provide you with the tools to create a strong cyber security culture to minimise these risks.   

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Does your organisation have social media policies in place, obligations under Privacy Acts or are you required to notify data breaches under Government Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) schemes? You may need to take steps now to protect personal information and have processes in place to report. Policies and processes that are not communicated or unused on the company shared drive won’t help your staff to understand what your expectations of them are, nor will they fully protect your business. 


As a business owner you’ll be aware of the need for company policies and guidelines, but they must be customised to your business and properly communicated to staff in order for you to remain compliant.  


The 2016 WorkplaceInfo Social Media Index found that only 40% of employers have social media policies in place. They also reported that LinkedIn is the most popular site, freely used by employees with no formal guidelines in place when representing their business, organisation or agency. 

Mahoney Social Media Security offers simple solutions, with customised policies, guidelines and specific training to ensure that practices are imbedded in everyday business.  Whatever the size or expertise, your business will be protected from induction to resignation. For best practice, leading to better compliance, protection of data and a healthy internal cyber security culture, take a look at our inventory of documents. 


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Cyber Security Defence and Compliance Training 

The leading global online safety institute Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) convened its international annual conference in November, 2017, where internet safety experts from around the world made predictions for the future of online safety. The predictions included increased regulation of the online environment, increased threats of potential dangers of artificial intelligence, more breaches/hacking of devices, misuse of facial recognition and continued concerns of privacy and safety online. 


Build your social media corporate responsibility and empower your employees to be the main form of threat 

detection and protect your organisation from data breaches, potential hackings, scams and irrefutable reputation 

damage. These life skills can also protect your employees professional and private use of social media and commonly used applications. 


We provide unique expert workplace training modules and information guidelines for managers and employees that have been built through years of experience, case studies and litigations. Increasing cyber defence through training can give you the tools to minimise risks to your organisation and create a strong cyber culture. Our content inventory details every item in our ever-growing collection of cyber security awareness and compliance training.


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Mahoney Social Media Security offers expert presenters for media interviews, expert webinars, panel experts, academic sessions, conference & keynote speaking engagements. For recents events and engagements see more on our media page.


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Expert Evidence 


Our expert witnesses has an in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in the area that she specialises in. Dr Carlene Mahoney is a credible, in-demand professional who is experienced in providing evidence under oath and can be called upon to do so in her area of expertise. 

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